I am pleased to introduce a new reviewer. I had all sorts of problems finding someone into the Punk scene in Calgary (a city of over 1 million people), little did I realize that all I had to do was move to Picayune, Mississippi, a town of 20,000, and I would walk right into a Punk aficionado. Welcome Damon!

When I first glanced at the cover of this former Los Angeles Misfits cover band, I thought what I was in for was a strictly gothic experience. What hit my ears was a well played mix of the punk and gothic genre’s. While Plan 9’s vocals (voiced by Aaron Fuller), are sung in a very punk style, the lyrics are definitely much darker than you’re average punk band. This came as no surprise when I learned that Glen Danzig wrote the lyrics for three out of the sixteen tracks on this macabre mix. Even the length of the songs are more to the punk side of the coin, giving you a quick hard dose of death rock.

Being a fan of goth music myself, I generally prefer a more etheric tone. One that set’s the mood of a nice moonlit dense, dark forest at night. On the other hand if I were more of a mosh pit type of angst goth, this CD would be right up my alley. Especially with Scary Only on bass, setting the mood of a both dark and very intense atmosphere. This is extremely evident on the tracks “Blood” and “Manmade Monster”. The one thing I have an issue with on the subject of punk music, is that from the beginning one song seems to flow into and sound like the previous song before it. I realize this is the nature of punk music, but with a hybrid like this I kinda expected a little more variety. Even so “Manmade Monster” is a very good mix of two different forms of rebellion.

On a sad note, lead singer Aaron Fuller died in an unfortunate motorcycle accident on September the 30th. Our sympathies go out to his family. The music world has lost a very fine performer.

You can pick up your copy from here.

Damon Harris

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