Man Raze: Surreal You take a Girl, a Pistol and a Def Lep (an ex-Girl), mix a bit and see what comes out. Well one thing for sure is that its good ranging from the fun sub-Police of “Winding Me Up” to the great “Shadow Man”; which is pure Def Lep glory. Sometimes these sort of supergroups just don’t work; not the case on here at all. There are hints of all the band’s represented. All eras of Def Leppard are hinted at here from their raw days to their later slick period.

There are a few tracks on here that would be very out of place on the proper band’s album. Its just fascinating what came out of this group with a Sex Pistol on drums. Its not the punky mess that one might have feared but just damn good hard rock with tongue-in-cheek sensibilities and an over-riding sense of fun. There is not attempt here to “prove” their worth just a bunch of guys having a good time doing what they love. Man Raze is very much the template for how to do “a side-band” with class and aplomb. There is no self-indulgence here.

Mostly the tracks are just a testament to how good Phil Collin is at what he does. He ain’t a half bad singer either. This Man Raze disc is a bonus for those of us who like Def Lep. Oh yes and this release gets better and better with each listen. This is one of the surprise quality releases of 2008.

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