Wales is not really well known for it’s pop stars other than Englebert Humperdinck, whose concerts still create a furor, grannies, moms, and daughters all throw their underwear at him! Thats not a bad business to be in when you are past the age of retirement!

Man is a Welsh band that has been around since the late 60’s. While not quite Prog Rock, they are not quite mainstream rock either. Like any band of this vintage they have had their up’s and down’s. Diamonds And Coal has just been released, and shows this band off in their best light.

This is good solid rock music at its very best. The first time I came across this band was in 1972, they were part of a double album ‘Greasy Truckers Party’. At the time this was a breakthrough album that also featured  Hawkwind and BRINSLEY SCHWARZ. Man quickly became part and parcel of the Prog Rock scene. They may have mellowed their sound in the intervening 25 years, but they are just as alluring as they were in 1972.

Diamonds And Coal was released in 2006, but in many ways is a classic representation of Man. The passion and drive behind the band is obvious. All Alone (track two) is a rock track that drifts the listener to a linder gentler place, it is a song that stands head and shoulders above other rock classics, while Freedom Fries (track three) is very Doors inspired. This is an exciting band and one that is worth searching out.

You can get your copy from MVD, tell em Simon sent you!

Simon Barrett

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