Mama's BoyIf there were an award for “Soundtrack Most Likely To Have Been Recorded In Your Neighbor’s Basement,” the soundtrack for Mama’s Boy would garner all five nominations in the category. Though this may be the perfect kind of music for the kind of slacker outsider that Jon Heder portrays in the film, it doesn’t exactly make for the most exciting home listening.

There’s some good rhythm going on in “Hand’s Off She’s Mine” from The English Beat. The Xylophone makes for a nice touch, along with the jazzy beat and slight Reggae accents. Billy Bragg’s “Bed, Bath & Bullshit” has some slightly clever lyrics and his “Old-Fashioned Girl” has an indie vibe that gets it through. And of course The Proclaimers always deliver, as they do here with “Then I Met You.” Otherwise there’s not much here as far as entertainment.

There is a little score selection (three tracks) at the end of the album, created by Mark Mothersbaugh (who’s worked on The Royal Tennenbaums and Drop Dead Gorgeous, among others), and this stuff really shines through after the relative emptiness of the first 10 tracks. Though, it’s not enough to save the album, it is a testament to Mothersbaugh’s skill that he can bring a touch of heart and earnestness to an otherwise bleak soundtrack.

The overall grungy, Irish “almost rock” theme seems to mirror the dull greenish cover of the album itself. But as Billy Bragg says in “Old-Fashioned Girl” on the album, “This world that we live in is heading for oblivion, if we don’t stop buying crap at Staples and Baby Gap.” Hopefully they don’t sell this album at Staples or Baby Gap… but you never know.

Zach’s Rating: D+
Perfect For: Anyone who wants to hang out in their garage and work on their Medeival costume
Stay Away if: You already own that Proclaimers song where they say they’re going to walk 500 miles… that’s better than this whole album
Buy on Itunes: “What’s Important to You” – Mark Mothersbaugh

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