Magic Mushroom are aptly named. You never know what to expect. Maybe it is that unexpected quality that made this band great. They had little care for convention, and this CD is the testimony to that comment.

I love live recordings, strip off the studio and you get the raw material. Some bands are ace, and some bands are disasters on the road. The Magic Mushroom Band have feet in both camps. Live 89 is a live album and one can only assume that too many pints of fine ale had been consumed before this concert.

I love the band, but my goodness they were bad! I am not a fan of American Idol, and other than interviewing a winning contestant know little about it, other than the fact that Simon Cowell would have eaten ‘Magic Mushroom’ for breakfast.

The edition of the Tone Generator helps pass the time, and gives a Hawkwind feel to the events, but basically this was a bad day for ‘Magic Mushroom’.

This is not one of their better efforts. Maybe there was a shortage of ‘Magic Mushrooms’, or maybe too many? I don’t usually quote my wife, but she said “They make me want to shoot myself, to get me out of my misery”.

I like Magic Mushroom, and they offered a lot to the music scene, but not in this CD.

Live 89 is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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