German band Tangerine Dream are celebrating their 40th year in the music business. Although they have undergone several changes in line up over the years, the band has very much kept their musical identity in tact. With Edgar Froese at the helm Tangerine Dream is still on the cutting edge of German Prog Rock, or as it is less reverentialy known, Krautrock..

Madcap’s Flaming Duty is actually quite a mellow adventure, and certainly not the aural warfare that I recall from the 70’s.  The album is dedicated to the madcap former guitarist of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, who died last year.

In a very novel approach the lyrics for the songs on this album are adapted from English and American poets from 17th and 18th century literature. This is a very easy listening album, and one that you can just lose yourself in the music.

It is great to see that these veterans of ‘Krautrock’ are still going strong. They have been the inspiration for many European bands over the years.

You can get your own copy of this fine CD from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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