Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones are the driving force behind Lustral. These two have also made major contributions to a number of major acts, including The Space Brothers, Ascension, Essence, The Realm, Force Majeure and Chakra. Deeper Darker Secrets is the first full length CD from Lustral and it also features a bonus CD collection of remixes from some of the hottest producers right now!

I found this to be an unusual collection, not quite band, and not quite remix. What I did enjoy was the use of vocals that definitely added a great dimension to the music. Often times the dance genre forgets the vocal element in favor of brain numbing electronica loops. Yes the loops are there, but by layering on an actual tune and some vocal elements they achieve a very pleasing effect, and one that should please the dance crowd and the casual listener alike.

You can get Deeper Darker Secrets from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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