Lust, Caution (Score)With 100 film composer credits to his name, including the upcoming epic fantasy film The Golden Compass, French composer Alexandre Desplat has quietly taken on Ang Lee’s erotic thriller Lust, Caution with all the strength and passion of the seasoned professional he has proven himself to be.

Each piece moves slowly and deliberately, expertly expressing the two key words in the film’s American title. From simple piano pieces like “Dinner Waltz” to multi-instrument examinations like “Playacting”, Desplat is clearly on comfortable ground with such heavy material.

Providing every note with a level of intrigue and stealth keeps the entire score engaging and feather-light, while maintaining a tight, almost claustrophobic feeling around the listener’s ears: imagine being surrounded by an ever-encroaching spiderweb… albeit a dangerously beautiful spiderweb.

Last year, Desplat won a Best Original Score Golden Globe for his work on The Painted Veil, and also earned a nomination for Best Achievement in Music for his work on The Queen. With two high-profile projects under his belt for 2007, viewers are likely to see Desplat on the nominee list again this year.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Music snob’s rating: A
Beyonce fan’s rating: D+

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