There is an enormous amount of music out there today. There are so many genres it makes my head spin. As a reviewer I am invited to sample probably more, (by a factor of way too many) than the average person. Some of it is pretty bad! Not all new music is bad, in fact some is truly wonderful, but sometimes it is great to dip into the past, Lost And Found does exactly that. Blues was most definitely a style that originated in the deep south of the US. Predominantly a style associated with the Black community, using few instruments, and a huge amount of creativity in the vocal arena the style was born.

Lost And Found is the result of some great work by The Blues Legacy, they have uncovered some long forgotten recordings, and spruced them up using modern electronics. This is some fabulous stuff.

There are three volumes in total, volume one features concerts from 1957 and 1958. The artists involved include Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Chris Barber, and a whole lot more.

Maybe the most interesting and unusual aspects of these recordings is that they originated in England. While the Brits are not well known as being contributors to the Blues world, these recordings certainly shoe that they love the genre, they sure clap up a storm!

You can get your own copy of Lost And Found from MVD.

Oh, and MVD were very generous, and sent me two copies, so if you would like my back up copy, leave a comment, and the best commenter will get it.

Simon Barrett

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