Let’s face it, going through life known as James Newell Osterberg, Jr. would put a crimper on anyone’s music career, so he changed it to Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop did not get the commercial success that he likely is due, but he most certainly was an influence on the music scene of the 70’s.

Acknowledged by some, revered by some, and reviled by others, Iggy Pop was the grandfather of the Punk movement in North America. This CD recorded live in 1981 shows the raw power of Iggy. Minimalist in artistic musical creation, Iggy takes us on a wild ride. Over 25 years have passed since this concert, but it is great to let the music wash over you, and witness history in the making.

Was Iggy pop the real thing, or was he a fraud, merely trading enthusiasm for skill? That is a question that has been asked many times over the intervening years. I personally see great creativity and innovation in parts, but I also see being conned in other places. I doubt that the Iggy Pop story will ever be adequately explained, much like the JFK assassination, Iggy pop is an anathema!

Try this CD out for yourself, you choose, Innovator, or Fraudster? Try it from MVD.

Simon Barrett



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