I found myself with a huge backlog of music items to review, and my lovely wife Jan offered to help me out. It was with great amusement that I watched her select this CD, “Oh, live at the Whisky A Go Go’ Otis Redding played there” she informed me. The cover of this CD alone should have been warning enough, but Jan is a trooper, she took the plastic cover off, put her headphones on, inserted the CD into her computer……..

It was about 5 seconds later that she jumped 3 feet in the air and ripped the headphones off!

Death Metal is not a genre that you want to enter into initiated, and Jan being a country fan thinks that Jimmy Buffet is a hard rocker.

Malevolent Creation have all the makings of the classic Death Metal genre, ugly lyrics to the songs, ugly vocal delivery (electronically altered), almost no musical composition abilities, and  the depressing thump thump from a bass guitar attached the the worlds most powerful amplifier.

Being a reviewer is much like being a wine taster, after sampling Malevolent Creation I had to clear my aural pallet with some real music.

I you want experience World War III, you can get a good idea of the next generation of warfare from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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