The Fall are to say the least an eclectic band. You never know quite what to expect out of them. They do spend a great deal of  time playing in the ‘grunge’ arena, but they can turn on a dime and head off on another direction. Live At The ATP Festival is a great example of this chameleon behavior.

Track one To Nkroachment: Yarbles is a delightful exploration of grunge at the top end, and yet a wonderful exploration of a very mathematical, almost Bach like undertone. This CD is worth getting for track one alone.

Track 2, 2 Librans  maintains the bass theory, but brings the grunge a little more to the surface.

On track 3,  The Joke, they surface as pure grunge, classic, in your face grunge.

Things change significantly on track 4, And Therein... suddenly there is a middle eastern bazaar feeling, the entire feeling of the music changes.

I really like this album, but it has one flaw. The mixing guy needs to be fired. He did a great job on the instruments, but forgot about the mic in front of the singer.

I never hold a grudge based on bad engineers (unless they are involved in designing computers), so I hope he just learned a lot from this project.

Great CD, and I really like it. I have shelves, I have boxes, they are full of CD’s, but I keep one little spot for CD’s that I really like. The Fall are in that special spot just for track one. Take them out for a spin from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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