I have to admit that there are times I feel more like a presenter on ‘Ripleys Believe It Or Not’ than a reviewer. Lillian Axe is definitely one of those moments. The glue behind the band is Steve Blaze, a native of New Orleans, yet the CD is produced by Metal Minds out of Poland, they are the heart and soul of all things metal and prog rock.

Lillian Axe are a classic metal band, maybe a little conservative, but very, very listenable.

This self titled album has been digitally  remastered from the 1988 version.

High energy, high octane, this is great music.

Lillian Axe consists of, or rather consisted of, front man and glue Steve Blaze playing Lead Guitar and offering backing vocals, Ron Taylor Lead vocals, Jon Ster on rhythm  guitar and keyboards, Rob Stratton on bass, and Danny King on drums.

This is a much underrated band, they have not received the kudos or the fan following that they richly deserve. Lillian Axe is the consummate Metal act. They have the metal edge, but they also understand the important aspects of music and song constructs. Even 20 years later, you can hear the freshness in thier sound.

This is a CD that I wish was a DVD. I am sure that they are great performers.

Take my advice and get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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