Love And War was the second album put out by metal band Lillian Axe.

I am not sure of the exact date it originally was released, but it was late 80’s. Lillian Ave is a band that deserved much greater attention than they received. They are very accomplished musicians, much more so than many other of the ‘metal heads’ from that period.

The glue behind Lillian Axe is undoubtedly guitarist Steve Blaze. He managed to assemble an awesome band, and one that was unfortunately overlooked during the heyday of the metal phenomena. The New Orleans native has huge amounts of talent, and picked only the ‘crème de la crème’ to play with him.

Love And War in many ways showcases the great talents of Lillian Axe, their first album, the self named Lillian Axe created the environment, it was rich, it was well executed, and it left the listener wanting more. Well Love And War will fix that itch. It is exactly what the fans were looking for.

One of the aspects that I find interesting about this band is that their occasional drop into ‘Ballad Mode’, this was a very 80’s phenomena, and one that was glommed onto by the hair and glam rock bands like Queen. Lillian Axe can out do anyone in the ballad market. And although I have not seen any of their concerts, I’ll bet they can ‘out glam’ Queen. Love And War is a very fine album, and one that any metal fan should have in their collection.

It is bizarre to me that this re-release comes not from their native land, the USA, but rather Poland. The US music industry has their priorities all screwed up, they happily publish whatever rubbish the Britney’s or Amy Winehouse’s care to cough up in between trips to the Re-Hab center instead of concentrating on real music.

Take my advice and get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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