I did a double take when I saw the press release. The last time I had heard the name Mathews Southern Comfort was 1n 1970. The band had a runaway hit with a cover of Joni Mitchel’s very fine track Woodstock.

My copy of Like A Radio arrived yesterday, and I went straight down the ‘rabbit hole’. When it comes to English Electric Folk in the 1970’s all roads lead to Fairport Convention. Mathews Southern Comfort is no exception Iain Matthews was a vocalist with Fairport between 1967-1970. He left and formed Mathews Southern Comfort.

OK, fast forward almost 50 years! Enter a new CD ‘Like A Radio’. The CD cover is hardly overflowing with information, there is a new line-up, but who is in the line up remains a bit of a mystery. Iain Mathews has dome a great job of bringing a fabulous sound and band back to life.

Sure Iain is in his early 70’s, but the voice is still as magic as it always was.

I like ‘Like A Radio’, it has a lot of the original Mathews Southern Comfort in it. Get your copy from the Amazon link above.


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