Leeland are a young band out of Texas. Billed as a Christian Pop band, although I think I prefer the label ‘light rock’, they have a very pleasant sound. Opposite Way is their third endeavor in the studio, and although they are young, they clearly know their business.

The band consists of founder Leeland Dayton Mooring playing guitar and performing the lead vocals, brother Jack Anthony Mooring on keyboards and backing vocals, William Jacob “Jake” Holtz on bass, Matthew Ross “Matt” Campbell on lead guitar, and Michael DeWayne “Mike” Smith on Drums.

In todays world of over editing, and over production, Opposite Way is a refreshing delight to listen to. The songs are straightforward with simple, but well done musical construction. I give these young men very high marks indeed.

Leeland is one of an increasing number of bands that is embracing the internet, and you can sample the entire album on their web site www.leelandonline.com. I admire artists that have the courage to adopt the try before you buy approach, and I am sure that Leeland will experience greater sales of the CD as a result of taking this ‘High Road’ approach.

Favorite track? The honest answer is that I don’t have one, they all are unique and enjoyable. Opposite Way is available on the Sony/RED label and you can pick it up at your favorite store on Feb/26 or pre-order online.

Simon Barrett


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