West Virginia is not usually associated with being a hot bed of music, however it is where Karma To Burn come from. Although the band had a relatively short lifespan of five years, they certainly left their mark. Hovering somewhere between Metal and Prog Rock these guys put out some awesome music.

The first album was the self titled Karma To Burn (1997), that was followed by Wild Wonderful Purgatory (1999), and finally Almost Heathen (2001). Metal Minds Production, have re-released all of these CD’s in a collectors set, and included some bonus tracks.

It is not often that you get to witness the Birth, Growth, and Death Rattle of a band in one sitting. Almost Heathen is without doubt the musically most accomplished CD, yet it is also the one that leaves you most unsatisfied, I can only assume that the band shared my feelings, because it was not long after that they went their separate ways. It is also by far the darkest album. Gone is the fun, gone is the conquest, and in is some other driving force, that while may have been there to drive sales, killed these guys from a creativity standpoint.

Try Karma To Burn, this is classic Metal. You can get Karma To Burn from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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