JumperComposer John Powell takes the idea of working in any genre to a new level. Over the years Powell has created scores for animated children’s films (Shrek, Happy Feet, Robots), low-brow comedies (Agent Cody Banks, Mr. 3000, Evolution), and -most importantly to the Jumper score - fast-paced actioners (the Bourne series, Face/Off, The Italian Job). In 2008 alone Powell’s work is greatly diversified, ranging from the Iraq war drama Stop Loss to the animated Jim Carrey/Steve Carrell vehicle Horton Hears a Who! to the Doug Liman action flick Jumper.

And it’s clear that Powell is very comfortable with this genre. From the opening track, a bass heavy “cool” vibed intro/theme song “My Day So Far,” Powell mixes electronic rhythms and sounds with a full orchestra. “First Jumps” slowly builds intrigue and excitement while “Surf’s Up” brings a nice asian vibe, with a quiet humming/singing vocal track mixed underneath a hard guitar and drum mix, before fading into a more typical orchestral section.

The quieter moments in pieces like “Airport Departure” feel a little too quiet and some of the music feels a little forced, although that’s probably to be expected considering that the film itself has quite a few moments that are a little forced. Overall, Powell manages to push the action while still holding back enough energy in most tracks so that the intros to forceful pieces like “David Comes Clean” really take you by surprise and hit home. If more of the album had the simple showdown mentality mixed with an emotional backdrop like “Jumper vs. Jumper,” there might be more to enjoy here. It’s still an enjoyable piece of work, but it doesn’t really capture the imagination as much as it could.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: An electronic action mix hits you in all the right places
Stay Away if: You’re looking for a more classical score
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