There is no doubt about it, Johnny Cash was a great performer, and this CD really proves that point. Yes he plays all of the usual suspects, Ring of Fire, Walk the Line, and Folsom Prison Blues, and they are all great performances. I have no idea how many versions of these songs I have heard, but each version has its own charm. I found Ring Of Fire slightly faster than most versions I had previously listened to, it gives it a new and different element.

Folsom Prison Blues is preceded by his standard line “Hello, I am Johnny Cash”, this man had style, this man had talent, and it all comes across in songs like this.

Better yet, this 1990 concert also features June Carter-Cash in a couple of songs, Jackson, and The Wreck Of Old 97. Jackson is a great song, and in this concert Johnny and June nail it! Maybe the finest part of the entire concert is a short monologue that June gives, it is too good not to quote:

“It’s exciting to be back working with John, it’s been several months now. He had his tooth pulled, and they pulled his tooth, but they pulled his jaw as well. They broke his jaw, they not only broke it, they broke it smack dab in two…… Then the most wonderful thing happened, they wired his jaws together. All those things I wanted to get said, I said them for about four months!”

Over the past year I have seemed to become a magnet for Cash related material, and I have to admit that it is all good. It is almost like the ‘painter syndrome’, they find fame after they die. Johnny Cash was certainly famous in his life, yet he seems to be so much more famous in death.

One real surprise in this CD is Ghost Riders In The Sky, this is not what I class as a standard Cash song. He does a masterful version, and one that every Johnny Cash fan should have in their collection.

The CD was produced by John Carter Cash, and it is clear that it is yet another labor of love. He did a magnificent job with the tribute to his mother ‘Anchored In Love’ and based on the fact that the original tapes for this CD are 17 years old he has done a fabulous job of bringing back the vibrancy and tones.

You can get your own copy of this superb performance from Amazon

Simon Barrett

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