This is a CD that I had eagerly waited for. As I grow older the world shrinks in size. Late in 2010 Jaime Michaels hit my radar screen with a single Black River. Not only is it an outstanding song all of the proceeds from sales went to the Greater New Orleans Foundation to help efforts to rebuild the region following the BP Oil disaster involving the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

Sure, many musicians release CD’s under the banner that profits will be donated, but Jaime took that one stage further.  Everyone involved, the musicians, the studio, the engineers, and even the cover designer had waived fees. The only cost was the physical manufacturing and mail.

On a radio interview with me he added that early in 2011 he would be releasing a new full length CD.

A few days ago I received my copy of The Man With The Time Machine. Actually he sent two copies, one of which I will be sending to two good friends in California that loved Black River.

The Man With The Time Machine is an interesting and seductive CD. I had assumed that Black River was the norm for his tempo and style. Boy was I in for a big surprise. Jaime bounces around in style and technique. Track one – Wish On The Moon sounds more like Paul Simon during his Africa phase more than even Paul Simon did. Wish On The Moon is a great track, a perfect opener for the CD.

The title track The Man With The Time Machine (track two), is a much more reflective piece.  Jaime Michaels brings in a glorious Piano sound that I think Chris Ishee was responsible for.

Track three Black River is without question my favorite on the whole CD. It is nothing short of inspired. Those comments come from Simon Barrett the music lover, not Simon Barrett the Gulf resident.

China Dog (track 9) is an upbeat ditty that I could see the Cohen brothers using in a remake of Oh Brother.

This is a most delightful exploration of Jaime Michaels vast repertoire of styles. I had pigeon holed Jaime because of Black River, I was wrong. This man has an incredibly diverse talent. He also has the ability to surround himself with the best of the very best musicians. There are too many to name, but I salute everyone that was involved in The Man With The Time Machine, it is indeed a time machine.

You can order your copy from Amazon by using the icon at the top og the page, or through his web site.

Simon Barrett

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