In the Shadow of the MoonIn the Shadow of the Moon is a documentary examination of an amazing moment in American history: the Apollo missions that flew to the moon. As the film score composer Philip Sheppard states in his Composer’s Note inside the soundtrack album, “To say this material is musically inspiring would be a massive understatement.” Sheppard has reflected that sentiment in his epic and adventurous work on the this soundtrack.

Not only is his music inspiring and magical, but it hints at the levels of complexity and intelligence required to make such an achievement as landing on the moon possible. There is also a bit of danger and hesitance in certain tracks, coupled with a wary but expressive spirit of adventure. With soft electronic sounds coming in at times and careful high notes, it feels as if Sheppard has constructed his score as carefully as scientists may have constructed the rockets used to send these famed astronauts into orbit.

As the music ebbs and flows, one can’t help but imagine a view of the Earth from distant space; a view the majority of us will only ever see in pictures. Sheppard has expertly captured the thrill of such a view and the inspiration behind the very idea that something of such magnitude was made possible. This is the kind of music that will stay with you in your day to day activities and remind you to look up to the sky occasionally and remember what the human race is capable of accomplishing.

Zach’s Review: A
Perfect For: Sitting in your yard in a lawn chair and staring into the starry sky
Stay Away if: You’d rather keep your feet on the ground

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