Whats not to love about the irrepressible Iggy Pop? Artist to many, demon to others. Some even label the guy as the monster that started the punk movement.

I like Iggy, I think he had a very unique style, and a big following. I disagree with labeling him as the father of punk, but I certainly agree that he had an influence. Live in San Fran 1981, is exactly that, a live performance from maybe the strangest city on the continent!

It is a great concert, and Iggy is at his best. Although it is only a CD, in your minds eye you can see Iggy strutting his stuff and waving microphone stands around.

Iggy rocks the house!

There are also two bonus studio tracks added ‘Fire Engine’ and ‘Warrior Tribe’. For the Iggy Pop fan in your household this is a must have item.

From Some weird Sin, though Bang Bang, and Lust For Life, this is just great Rock-n-Roll.

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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