This is Prog Metal the way it is supposed to be! The golden age of Prog Metal may have been the late 80’s, and bands like Kinetic Dissent show that the genre is one that should be supported. It is 7:45am here in Calgary, and this is just what you need as an early morning wake up call. Actually I am joking, this is a very accomplished band, and one that should have a much larger following than it does.

Many Metal bands trade talent for volume, these guys have found that unique balance where talent meets and exceeds noise level. I have no doubt that I will garner criticism, but in many ways they remind me of Led Zeppelin. They use similar chord and guitar riff structures.

I just hope that my neighbors are enjoying this as much as I am! I’ll teach them to hammer nails into the floor at 11pm!

This album is a re-mastered release from 1991, and the tech’s have done a fine, fine job, this is well worth the price of admission.

If you have not tried Kinetic Dissent, you can get a copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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