Yes folks, it is metal time here at Blogger News. But these guys are not your regular metal band, they are more like the soundtrack to some sleazy B horror movie. Oh, don’t be put off by that, it is meant as a compliment. This band pushes the envelope, and I bet they put on a great live show.

Homo Iratus was formed in 1998, and Human Consumes Human was first recorded in 2001. It is very much what I would refer to as ‘Death Metal’, there is nothing light and airy about it, although they do also stray into a little grunge here and there.

What I found interesting is their country of origin. How many Greek Metal Bands can you name? This could earn you big bucks taking drunken bets at parties!

I have to admit that I was not keen on the constant use of the ‘Morgue Synth’ (pun intended) that the lead vocalist seems to use on a constant basis. Special effects, are just that, use them for special effects,  not as a constant, they lose their effect rather quickly.

For the ‘Death Metal’ fans this might be an interesting addition to the collection, but I doubt they would give it many spins.

You can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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