House Of Fire are a relatively new band that has only been around since 2005. These are guys that have the feel of the 60’s psychedelia about them. Think Velvet Underground and you pretty much have the genre nailed down.

Being an aging hippie, I really enjoyed this CD. They are all accomplished musicians and produce a wonderfully deep and melodic sound.

The band is made up of Isaac Betesh who handles Vocals, Guitar, and Sitar, it doesn’t get any more psychedelic than having a Sitar on the stage! E. J. Hagen plays guitar, Dave Reis vocals and bass, Lucy Rodemich plays keyboards, Alex White Guitar, and Peter Trezzi on drums.

This is very much a West Coast sound, one that you would expect to here in San Francisco, and I am sure they do very well in that environment. What surprised me though is that they are not West Coast based, but out of Pennsylvania, go figure!

Take a trip back to the future and give House Of Fire a try. They also have a MySpace and Web Page where you can sample their unique style of music. You can also see them in action on this video.

You can pick up this fine album from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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