It never fails to amaze me, the music out of Europe is often better than the original styles developed this side of the pond. The Blues is uniquely Southern States, a lush style that incorporates many instruments, and that oh so distinctive vocal style. Well folks, I got bad news for you, we are being out ‘Blue-sed’ by Germany!

Blues Company is one of the longest lasting blues band in Europe, and without doubt both the most famous and successful. This new CD Hot And Ready To Serve goes on sale in the US in January 2008, and if you are a fan of the blues, you will certainly want this one in your collection.

This is a CD that you want to pop on the player when you have guests over, and when they ask “Wow that music is really good, who is it?”, you can nonchalantly say “Oh that’s the Blues Company, they are from Germany”.

The band is huge, its not so much a band, it is more like a whole movement. Every track is different, and every track is endearing. I will be the first to admit that ‘blues’ maybe their world, but they expand that definition with tracks like ‘Plastic People’, this is fine rock-n-roll, and a song that any band would be proud to own. The guitar riffs are outstanding, and the vocals just get you singing along!

Great CD, I hope it gets some serious attention over here. Our own homegrown bands have become complacent, so I think a little ‘off shore’ competition is a good thing.

You can order your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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