Loren Evarts is a very accomplished musician and Home Again is one of the best Solo Piano albums I have heard in a while. I am not a classically trained musician so I can not comment on Timing or Chord Progressions or any of the other technical stuff that experts whip out in learned discussion, I am a layman, and “I knows what I like”, and I like Home Again.

I am sat on the deck, listening to Home Again and watching the rain fall. It is that refreshing spring rain that brings with it the smell of renewal. In the distance through the haze of the rain I can see the large Magnolia trees in full bloom. What a great place to enjoy this music.

What I find amazing is Loren Evarts musical journey to create Home Again. His Bio on the web site begins with:

Loren has performed professionally in the CT area in a variety of musical situations for over 40 years. He has played and sung in rock, jazz, and even a disco group, as well as a Portuguese band, when he was 15. He was leader, composer and arranger for the new age/jazz ensemble Confluence, and Sliders, an eight-piece band featuring 5 trombones. Besides keyboards, he has been known to perform on trombone and hammered dulcimer, and sang second bass in Chorale Connecticut. For 10 years he was the organist/pianist at North Guilford Congregational Church and is currently at Milton Congregational Church in Litchfield.

He certainly has had an interesting career. I went exploring on YouTube and found this piece from Home Again.

I was unable to unearth any Trombone adventures but did catch him on the Hammered Dulcimer.

You can get your own copy of Home Again by clicking the Amazon link above.

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