Another guest review by Damon.

There are very few females who hold a strong presence in metal these days. Actually there are hardly any. Enter Dawn Crosby of Detente. A vocalist who since 1984 has held her own with such female bands such as Babes in Toyland and L7. Founded by both Dawn and drummer Dennis Butler, this west coats based band focuses on issues that are mainly political and social. The aptly named album “History 1” relates topics such as the middle east conflict and women’s liberation issues, in a speed metal format.

I was shocked to learn that one of the better underground 80’s band’s of our time was later disbanded. Dawn Crosby later moving on to the band Fear of God, with guitarist Mike Carlino. With that said let us focus on the late 80’s, when Detente was at it’s peak. One track in particular that deserves mention is “Who Can You Trust”. Starting out with strong metal guitar riffs fashioned by Caleb Quinn and Rose Robinson, this song starts hard and is matched by the slightly toned down vocals of Dawn. Not alot of metal especially speed metal bands of this era can lay down such visious tracks, while avoiding the whole “DIE, KILL, DIE” tone of the time.

To be honest I wonder what happened to good metal bands like this. These day’s all we get is this packaged pseudo rock pop crap. The topics that are discussed are rarely significant and when they are, they are told in an non offensive/non rebellious manner. This is a band that had problems with what was going on in the world and pulled no punches getting their message out to the masses. It’s a sad day when angst is not expressed through rock and roll.

You can pick up your copy of History 1 from MVD.

Damon Harris

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