A good title! I was pretty scared during some of this CD. Death Metal is not for everyone, and I am pretty much convinced that it is not for me. However, that said, it is a genre that had, and indeed has, a very active following.

As with all genres of music, there are often inter-relationships between bands, and death metal is no different. Malevolent Creation, and Cannibal Curse may be the band names, but Phil Fasciana and Rob Barrett are the people. When you bring these two together you are going to get fireworks, and Hate Plow was the result. The band first came together in 1994, The Only Law Is Survival is their second album.

Death Metal may not quite be Bach or Beethoven, but it is a valid style, sometimes you have to dig around to find the nuggets, but they are there is you take the time. 

You can get Hate Plow – The Only Law Is Survival from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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