I would like to first mention that I am and will always be a huge fan of the venue called CBGB’s. I have personally seen a band called Medecine perform there, as well as my good friend Alex Diezen play there with his band as well. Although not very spacious (small stage and moderately sized bar), this legendary club will always be ingrained in my psyche. Originally intended to be a bluegrass/blues club, it became an extremely significant punk milestone. Basically if you were cool you knew about CBGB’s and if you were to old and it was to loud, you didn’t.

August 19th, three days before my birthday an of course I missed H2O’s kick ass performance in the Bowery’s hottest spot. Yet we are in luck kiddie’s, as the Hilly Kristal Foundation for Musician’s and Artist’s have recently released H2O’s live at CBGB’s Bowery collection. Listening to this cd only makes me regret not being there even more. The thing is, this CD captures the entire night perfectly. From the first track there are no interruptions in the entirety of the show. All the comments before each song are included, as former roadie from Sick of it All Toby Morse spits out the vocals for this show. Although labeled as “hardcore” Toby’s vocals mixed with Rusty Pistachio on guitar, Eric Rice on bass and Max Capshaw on drums, make for more of a punk feel. Commonly compared to other bands such as Minor Threat and Fugazi, H2O holds it’s own.

You can pick up your copy of this piece of punk history from MVD.

Damon Harris

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