I will admit that remixes are not my favorite thing. This one though gets a passing grade, they have not totally destroyed the original versions of the songs. Remixes in general are hateful things. The dance crowd like them, but they tend to be boring to listen to.

This one has some possibility, by keeping the basic song intact and adding the ‘remix’ the original song is recognizable. That said, it should also be pointed out that none of the original artists would want their name associated with this project. I could not imagine Barbra Streisand co-operating on a techno version of Evergreen from ‘A Star Is Born’. Layne Kennedy tries her best, and she is good, but she lacks the style and presence of Streisand.

Take My Breath Away, is one of the defining moments in the movie Top Gun, it falls absolutely flat with a techno makeover by Energi Vs Berlin. This might work for the dance crowd, but for us poor humans it was hell on earth!

It was with eager anticipation I waited for Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, which is one of my favorite compositions. Prima does an ok rendition, but the techno spoiled it for me.

This CD may well make it in the clubs, but it certainly is not something I would care to listen to at home. Remixes are what they are, and mostly they are bad. This one at least does not destroy the songs, but the layer of techno does not enhance them either.

You can pick up your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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