If the mention of the names Godley and Gouldman to not get some neurons firing in your brain, you need to retake High School Music 101. Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman were two of the founder members of the 80’s super group 10cc. 10cc had a string of huge hits worldwide, but, bands are very much like marriages, many end up in divorce. And that is what happened to 10cc. Interestingly enough the rumor mill at the time had the protagonists in the break up tagged as Godley and Gouldman.

Well folks, here we are almost 30 years later, and these former divorcees have joined forced once again. In my mind (continuing with the marriage analogy) they are a match made in heaven. Opposites attract, and these two play off each other. The often inaccurate and unregulated Wikipedia had this to say:

The more “commercial” team of Stewart and Gouldman were generally fairly straightforward “pop” songwriters, who created some of the group’s most accessible material. The experimental half of 10cc was Godley and Creme, who brought a distinctive “art school” sensibility and a more “cinematic” writing style to the group. All four members were skilled multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, writers and producers and each could perform convincingly as lead singers

When the divorce came, it was indeed along those split lines. Time heals wounds, and this latest collaboration by Godley and Gouldman is a masterpiece in soft rock.

Starting with The Same Road, you are transported to a new universe, a style of music that is so good you just can not resist it. I know that if they were to put up a streaming sample of it, there would be a stampede of people wanting to buy this album.

They do have a web site www.gg06.co.uk which has ordering information and some one minute samples (try The Same Road). This is hot, classic soft rock, great lyrics, great use of guitars, and so well put together it is irresistible.

Simon Barrett


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