Gentle Giant was a 70’s prog rock band that pushed the envelope. At the heart of the band were three brothers, Derek, Ray and Phil Shulman. The sound is eclectic and unusual, it hovers at the very acoustic side of the prog rock scale.

Live In New York was recorded during their 1975 tour of America. Surprisingly enough their sound which was anything but North American captured a loyal following, in fact it could be argued that they had greater success in the US than they did in their home country of England.

Gentle Giant became one of an increasing number of bands and musicians that moved their base to the US in the late 70’s. The English music scene had become dominated by the Punk movement, leaving a lot of great prog rock bands out in the cold. As Dave Cousins remarked to me in a recent interview “overnight we were dinosaurs”.

This is an interesting band, and for their time highly experimental. If you are looking for something slightly different from the mainstream try Gentle Giant.

You can get this album from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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