Patrick Moraz started this project in 1979 with the first performance of Future Memories Part I, and followed up with Part I in 1984. What is remarkable about these works is the technique of creation. Patrick uses what he calls ‘spontaneous composition’. The tapes and cameras start to roll and Patrick starts to create! This technique is often used in the Jazz world, but within a clear chord structure, and background. Patrick on the other hand ‘just goes for it’! These performances were originally broadcast on live TV.

I give Patrick full marks for innovation and creativity, but I did feel that there were areas of weakness from a musical standpoint. The first track and the last track are nothing short of excellent, it is the middle that weakens. My wife summed it up elegantly, “this guy is a reverse Oreo cookie, the cream is on the outside”.

He is certainly a very accomplished keyboard player, and I am tempted to track down some more of his work, maybe something that has a little more structure.
Future Memories I and II is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett  

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