I like punk when it is done right, and Killroy hit the spot with this one. When I popped this one on the player I thought I had entered a time warp back to London in the early 80’s. I was amazed to read that these folks are from the San Fernando Valley rather than Hammersmith or Earls Court.

To add further confusion to my already confused brain is the material that Killroy has decided to use on this CD. They have punkified some of the classic British chants heard on Saturday afternoons at the soccer matches.

Punk as a genre is mostly misunderstood, and badly done. Yes it was born out of frustration with the glam bands of the 70’s, the glam bands had distanced themselves from their fan base, and the fans fought back. We don’t need the glitz, we will make our own music. Alas the result was mainly something that should never have seen the light of day. A more awful sound I cannot think of, well, maybe I can, Rap!!!!!!

Killroy on the other hand are slick and professional. They have a real sense of what works musically, and are very accomplished musicians. Maybe this puts them at odds with the garage punk bands but I for one like music that has a modicum of style in it, rather than sheer volume and enthusiasm.

You can get your own copy of Football Chants And Angry Rants here.

Simon Barrett


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