A Tribute to the BeatlesOne of the last phrases that many Beatles fans want to hear is “cover album”; unfortunately many musicians are also Beatles fans, leading to the occasional cover song by most bands and, in the case of Jock Bartley and Steven Weinmeister of the 70’s rock band Firefall, an entire album. As Bartley himself says in the cd insert, “Far too many Fab Four ‘covers’ should have never been made. But even so we were willing to try.” Luckily for Beatles and Firefall fans alike, this tribute album, Colorado to Liverpool – A Tribute to the Beatles, succeeds on most levels.

First of all, the choice to honor the Beatles without simply recreating their sound with a slight twist is appropriate. “Our sessions were filled with joy, respect and even reverence,” Bartley goes on to say. While “Come Together,” featuring a stripped-down sound and inauspiciously haunting vocals, is arguably the best of the album, the melancholy rendering of “Eleanor Rigby” will have even doubters acknowledging the acoustic accomplishments of Bartley and Weinmeister. It’s evident throughout why, after the duo performed these songs on the radio in Denver, fans requested the album.

Though detractors may argue that regardless of the intention, touching such classics is taboo, it’s clear that Firefall Acoustic has no intention of simply cashing in on the Beatles’ popularity. While the point is still well taken, what Firefall has set out to do, as the title of the album expresses, is simply to present a tribute to the Beatles, not to mimic or try to improve upon their renditions.  Offering a light yet reverential treatment of classic Beatles tunes without overt fanfare or overly dramatic renderings, Colorado to Liverpool is a quiet, uplifting homage. Relaxing and almost Celtic in places, Firefall Acoustic has somehow managed to beautifully create the most difficult of cover albums. Humbly presenting their own work, while acknowledging the greatness of the creators, this duo has built a beautiful salutation to the greats of music history.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: A quiet night in Denver, Colorado
Stay Away If: You don’t want to hear someone else attempt these sacred tunes

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