While I am not sure that GMT deserve the hardcore, almost metal label that they seem to have acquired, they certainly have the pedigree for it. These miscreants know how to put a hard rock song together!

Who are GMT? The G refers to Robin Guy who does a very fine job behind the drum kit. Many people think of the drums as a kind of afterthought, a throwaway in the scheme of a band. This is not so, a great drummer will make the band, every drummer has his own unique style, and every drummer brings different goodies to the feast table.

The M comes from John McCoy, a mean bassist, a musician that can make a song happen. i have never had the pleasure of meeting John, but I think it would be fair to say that he would fit right in at the Biker Fest held in Sturgess, big, beefy, bald, and bearded! I am sure he is a pussy cat, but he sure looks the part. As far as Bass playing goes though, this guy is a virtuoso.

Lastly we have the T, that is Bernie Torme, a veteran of the rock world, he cut his teeth with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, and his guitar skills cannot be over stated. Bernie first entered the world of music in the early 70’s and Evil Twin shows that his penchant for hard rock, has not been dampened over the intervening years.

Evil Twin is a must have, so few bands today have the ability to inject that urgency into the music that grabs the listener. Usually there are two or three tracks that stand out on an album, and the rest (as we say in the music business) are fillers. Merely a way to ‘fill’ a CD. I did not smell a single filler track on this one.

You can order your copy of this very fine album from their web site. Better still, they have a MySpace page that has many of their fine tunes available to sample.

You can also listen in live to an interview with Bernie Torme at 4pm CST Thursday Jan/15 by clicking here. Bernie will be on the phone live from his home in Ireland, it should be an interesting discussion, oh, and you will get to listen to a couple of tracks from Evil Twin.

Simon Barrett


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