The Golden Age [Music from the Motion Picture]Bursting from the speakers with as much larger-than-life grandeur as Cate Blanchett in the movie itself, the soundtrack for Elizabeth: The Golden Age is an agglomeration of crests and crescendos. Throughout the 20 track arrangement, composers  Craig Armstrong and A.R. Rahman, each known for their own styles (Armstrong for big-budget American blockbusters such as Moulin Rouge! and World Trade Center, Rahman for a slew of Indian films made in the last 15 years), work together to create a dynamic blend of East and West.

The result is alternately exciting, uplifting and evocative as well as trying, repetitive and pounding. Perhaps it’s just that the quieter pieces don’t really come into play til the final third of the score. And although the music is expertly performed and decidedly epic, there’s a certain hollowness to the bold sounds. The music doesn’t so much express emotions as shallowly pass over them. At times, tracks such as the early “Immensities” just seem to drag on a little too long. On screen these extended moments might be filled with intense acting or breathtaking panoramic views, but the listener has none of that to fill in the gaps. The result is a mixed bag of slightly enjoyable music that feels a little too light for such a heavy film.

Zach’s Rating: C+
Elizabeth’s rating: B
David Hirschfelder’s rating: C

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