I am sure that this will be another big hit with the dance crowd. However I was less than enthusiastic about it. It has a robotic feel both in the music and the vocals. While not really gruesome, and it is certainly preferable to a root canal, it did not appeal to me. Endless loops of electronica have the musical attraction of road kill!

I am sure that this will be a huge hit with the DJ world, but it is not something that the average Joe or Joe-ette would sit down and listen to. My eyes glazed over after the first five minutes, and after 15 minutes I was ready for a nap. I am likely being unnecessarily unfair on this remix artist, but I found no redeeming features in it.This is musical boredom taken to new lows! As they say on the Iron Chef, “each judge can award 20 points, 10 for taste, 5 for originality, and 5 for plating” Well I will give Shiloh 5 points for plating, the cover is quite attractive, originality unfortunately scores a big fat zero, and he doesn’t do much better in the taste category.

In the unlikely event that this is your kind of music you can get your own copy from MVD. Or if you ask nicely and offer to pay the postage, you can have mine!

Simon Barrett


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