Every band has a drummer, he is the guy that offers the continuity to the other musicians, Drum Legends has turned that concept on it’s head. The drums are the main focus, and the other instruments are now the filler.

When you take three great drummers Herman Rarebell, Pete York, and Charly Antolini and put them on the same stage you are bound to have an interesting concert.

Although they perform mostly covers, they are so well done that this is sheer entertainment from track one.

Rock you like a hurricane (track 3) combines some excellent drumming with the incredibly very fine tenor sax. Keep on Running (track 5) is also worth a listen.

Considering that this was from a live concert the sound quality id very good, someone with a great deal of skill obviously did the re-mixing. Everything is just how it should be.

This would be the perfect CD to put on the player the next time you invite people over for a BBQ, they will recognize many of the songs, but I will bet they will not be able to name who is playing them! There is something for everyone, a little bit of Jazz, a little bit of Rock, and a whole lot of creative drumming.

You can get your copy of Drum Legends from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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