Down The Drain are from the Buffalo, New York area, and DyingInside is their debut album. Their style is best summed up in the press release ‘they combine elements of thrash, old school death metal and hardcore’. This is not music for musical virgins!

Brett Hoffmann (Malevolent Creation) is the frontman for this very rough and ready band, and I would imagine that after each performance he gets through a couple of packets of Ricola throat lozenges, all that screaming has got to hurt the vocal chords! I am being a little harsh, actually if you can get past the vocals the band is quite musically talented. Chris Bembenek (Guitar), T. J. Suto (Guitar), Scott O’Dell (Bass), and Shane Rizzianno (Drums) round out the band, and when given the opportunity shine musically. There is a fabulous guitar solo mid way through track 5 (Your Gods End?) which even the most accomplished guitarist would be proud of.

You can get DyingInside from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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