Sometimes it is just nice to listen to something mellow, and the Dice Of Dixie are the masters of mellow.  These excellent musicians take compositions from a wide range of composers, Armstrong, Lennon/McCartney, W.C. Handy, and Duke Ellington, to name a few, and give them that unique Dixieland treatment.

This is a 3 CD boxed set, and consists of the 1995 Sideways, the 1997 Second Sight, and the 2000 1st Throw CD releases.

As best I can figure out, Dice Of Dixie is based in Germany and consists of Wolfgang Trattner on trumpet, Klaus Steckeler on tuba, Simon Holiday on piano, Joe Gallardo on trombone, Jorn Pfennig on sax. and Gregor Beck on drums. Europe may seem like an unlikely location for a traditional jazz band, but they certainly seem to know their stuff. If they ever tour the US they should play a few sets on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, they would fit right in.

If you love traditional Jazz this set is likely to appeal to you. With a running time of 135 minutes and a street price under $30, you really can not go wrong. One really unique feature of this release is the physical CD’s themselves, they are made to resemble miniature 33rpm records, very cute. You can get your own copy of Dice Of Dixie – Finest Brand In Dixieland from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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