It was with trepidation that I popped this one in the player. The title conjured up ideas of more heavy metal, and I am still recovering from my last bout. I suspect that heavy metal was a contributing factor in my recent stroke!

I had nothing to worry about, Al Di Meola is a classically trained acoustic guitarist who specializes in Jazz Fusion. He may be best known for his time playing with Chick Corea back in the mid 70’s, but he has had a very fruitful career after their break up in 1976.

This is an absolutely delightful album consisting of Al and a great sounding acoustic guitar.  Although he is normally very Jazz influenced, I found that this album leaned much more to classical and occasionally flamenco styles.

If you are looking for some easy going and superbly relaxing guitar, with just a hint of some backing percussion, this is one that you should seek out. It is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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