Days Between Stations is a collaboration between Los Angeles based musicians Sepand Samzadeh and Oscar Fuentes. Sepand takes the guitar work, and Oscar handles the ivories.

Their web site describes the musical style as ‘Art Rock’. Yes, I guess you could call it that. Several people have likened Days Between Stations to the early Pink Floyd style of music found on Piper At The Gates, or even parts of Umma Gumma. Yes I guess there is a vague resemblance, but if I was to try and draw a parallel with another group it would have to be Tangerine Dream with a little bit of Mike Oldfield thrown in for good measure. Alas some of tracks, in particular track one, Requiem For The Living  are exactly out of the Tangerine Dream play book and lack a central musical theme, which leads to a composition that tends to meander its way gently in no particular direction.

Other tracks though are well formed, Either/Or has a clear purpose and is well constructed as is track 5 Radio Song. In fact Radio Song is probably my favorite track on the album, and should have been the title track rather than placed mid way through.

On the whole this is a band that has a bright future musically. While unlikely to gain much traction in the main stream they will certainly garner favor with the Avant-garde musical crowd. For the average listener Days between Stations may be a little high on the Richter Scale, but worth a try if you are looking for something new and experimental.

You can order your copy through Bright Orange Records.

Simon Barrett

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