I was delighted to receive a review copy of this EP. It stars none other than BNN reviewer Andrew Ian Dodge. Front man Andrew is joined by John Haithwaite (who plays just about everything but the kitchen sink), Rob Mallows (Bass), and music comic Mitch Benn (Lead Guitar). Although not featured on this EP Growing Old Disgracefully has added K. T. Dodge to the line up. K. T. may be better known as actress Kim Benson. Kim and Andrew recently tied the knot and in order to keep him in line decided to become part of the band! (just kidding).

This EP only has four tracks, but you get a great sense of the depth of musical abilities in this band. I found it hard to put a label on these guys, they definitely represent the classic definition of good old rock and roll, yet they also venture into the blues.  Although mainly a studio band I suspect that they put on a spectacular live performance.

The title track ‘Cry Freedom’ is nothing short of a top 10 hit. It has everything needed, great lyrics, great tunes, and is a piece that showcases all of their abilities.

Growing Old Disgracefully are one of the increasing number of bands that realize the value of the internet, it is close to impossible to get air time on the radio unless you are well known. You can try before you buy. Check out the latest tracks at http://www.myspace.com/disgracefulmusic

Simon Barrett



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