I think the title works quite well! This is not a CD that you would pop in your player for listening pleasure. But there again, the desired audience is not the iPod toting crowd. This CD is aimed at the mind numbed dance crowd. It has all of the accoutrements that DJ’s love, vast tracts of repetitive electronica that are perfect for those endless loops of musical boredom that are so loved by these musical heathens.

I can honestly say that I was reaching for the Tylenol by track 3.

I remember as a kid going to English Grammar School being given inane punishments along the lines of a 500 word essay about the inside of a ping pong ball. I have always classed myself as being a good, or at least an adaptable person in the wordsmithing business, but 500 words about ping pong balls sounds attractive when compared with writing about Critical Trance. I am sure that this will be a big hit with the modern John Travolta’s but it certainly did not work for me.

If you really feel the need to join the netherworld you can get it from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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