The Critical Rhythm label have been trying for sometime to break into the DJ friendly world, Singular Three is their third release, this is a two CD offering designed as a tool for the DJ re-mixer. It likely is not a CD that you would pop on your iPod but I can certainly see how the Dance crowd would like it. There are some great loops that the re-mixer would fall in love with. Hell get some mixing software are try at home! Grab the disco ball from the attic, convert the strobe light fire detector, and invite your friends over for an evening of re-mix!

Featuring a ‘singles’ format these CD’s provide the DJ with a wide variety of different styles, and certainly is well worth the money to just get a flavor of what the industry is up to.

With a total running time of over 150 minutes, there is bound to be something that a DJ would find interesting.

You can get Critical Rhythm – Singular Three from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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