This album was originally released in 1992, and is considered by many to be John Martyn’s finest hour. There is an interesting story behind this CD. John was actually working on a new album and touring in the US when unbeknown to John the Permanent Record Label took what he classed as session tapes and created the CD. According to what I have heard John was furious!

The style on these tapes is very mellow, with a lot of saxophone, not at all like his regular style. Of course every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case Couldn’t Love You More increased his fan base considerably. A whole new sector of the listening audience discovered him, and this Jazz rich sound.

The title track is a superb silky smooth experience, the melody just washes over you.

The CD features guest appearances from Dave Gilmour, Phil Collins, and Gerry Conway. With this kind of high powered help how could this not be a huge success. For those of you not familiar with John Martyn I recommend that you give Couldn’t Love You More a test drive.

You can get this album from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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