This CD is quite funny if you are a woman with a sense of humor. It kept me laughing at 5 am while I was listening to it. It features four comics talking about their experiences with women. They all think they have women figured out and they try explaining it to you in their own unique way which will keep you laughing. Dana Gould (writer for the Simpsons), Alonzo Bodden (Last Comic Standing), Jeff Wayne and Steve McGrew are here to entertain you and that is exactly what they do.

Dana Gould talks about meeting his girlfriends Dad for the weekend. Her father assigns the sleeping arrangements. His girlfriend announces they sleep together at school so why not there making things uncomfortable around the father after that. He meets her cat and his girlfriend catches him throwing socks at it. She asks him what is he doing and explaining it seems difficult.

Steve McGrew talks about all the things he says that is turned around to be something wrong. He says he gets into trouble for things he doesn’t even know he done wrong. He talks about how he can never say anything right with his wife. When asked about the new decorations in the house he talks about how pretty the little soaps are and then he is warned not to use that soap or the pretty towels.

Alonzo Bodden says he is at that stage where he just wants to find the right woman. He says he is from LA and they have found a great use for silicone. He talks about how men like big boobs. He goes on to tell what kind of woman he is looking for keeping the audience in stitches laughing. He talks about shopping for a woman too and going with a woman for her to shop.

Jeff Wayne talks about women in general. He says after 10 years of marriage he watched his wife when she was sleeping and thought about how she always complained about being sick when she didn’t want to do something. Then he talks about how a woman bitches about things in the present and the past.

My advice is not to listen to this CD if you have stitches or staples in you from a surgery or you will pop them out from laughing but be sure to listen after you heal. It is quite entertaining.

You can find this CD at MVD.

Jan Barrett

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