Colour Trip are a Hardcore Metal band out of Germany, with Kill My Super Ego being their forth Album. To misquote one of my favorite musicians “Metal is what metal is”. I found nothing on this CD to make Colour Trip stand out from the pack.

There is lots of heavy guitar work and a bunch of screaming into the microphone. Like is said, typical hardcore metal.

This band is probably best enjoyed live, after liberal amounts of alcohol have been applied to the system. In my mind they are about as original as a $20 Rolex watch that was purchased in Tijuana.

Colour Trip consists of Elmar Keineke on screaming, Marl Walzenberg and Mathias Eigner beating the crap out of guitars, Michael Wintzen abusing various things that usually involve drum sticks, and Ingo Reinshagen bringing new meaning to Bass playing.

As you can probably tell, this is not one of my favorite albums, some metal bands has crossover appeal, Colour Trip do not, unless you are a hardcore metal fan you likely will not enjoy this offering.

You can get your own copy of Kill My Super Ego from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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